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Located at the back of Marsling Central’s S11, Noelle Signatures has established itself among heartland food lovers.

The Best Modern Western Cuisine in the North

Serving modern western cuisines with unparalleled service at affordable prices, Noelle’s Signatures has been the go to eating place for refreshing and hearty meals.

Our seasonal menu consists of creative and elegant dishes with a classic influence that showcase our beliefs in serving the roots of western cuisine dining. We consistently experiment with new dishes, while maintaining the high quality standards of our popular and classic dishes like the Teriyaki Fish, Hawaiian Smoked Chicken and Chargrilled Chicken.




We uses 100% all-natural beef blend for all our burgers, cooked to medium unless otherwise requested. Add lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion and it is good to go. Our steaks are fresh cut, grilled to any level of perfection at your preference. for first times, we recommend our Signature Chargrilled Chicken and Crispy Fried Fish.


We believe that good tasting food does not meant a higher price tag. Serving the heartlands of the north, we have established ourself as an affordable western dinning with great quality food and choices. We continuously improve on our menu’s selections and ingredients to serves the best food to our loyal customers.

  • "An above average rendition of coffee shop style western food, which I find better than Botak Jones and probably on par with Aston's."
    Joel KOrdered Chargrilled Chicken with Fries and Potato Salad
  • "Has been patronizing Noelle at least once a week for delicious and reasonably priced western eats. My kids love the crispy fried fish and the char grilled chicken. Good sized portion too. Highly recommended if you are craving for some Western fare and happens to be around Woodlands New Town."
    David SimOrdered Crispy Fried Fish
  • "For $5.50, you get the spaghetti as well as a bowl of mushroom soup. The mushroom was very creamy and nice, and had just the right consistency. The spaghetti itself has a distinct homecooked feel to it.The texture and bite of the spaghetti was also just right. Overall, this is a great place to visit when they want to eat some nice and affordable Western food."
    Eric COrdered Spaghetti and Mushroom Soup


All Main Courses includes Two Side Dishes



Chargrill Chicken

Signature Charcoal Grilled Premium Chicken


Crispy Fried Chicken

Signature Crispy Fried Chicken fried to best crispiness


Black Pepper Chicken

Signature Black Pepper Chicken Roasted to optimum with Homemade black pepper sauce


Teriyaki Chicken

Signature Teriyaki Chicken marinated with our signature Teriyaki sauce


Hawaiian Smoked Chicken

Signature Hawaiian Smoked Chicken smoked to optimum crispiness and tenderness



Crispy Fried Fish

This is recommended with fries and coleslaw


Black Pepper Fish

Signature Black Pepper Fish with homemade black pepper sauce


Teriyaki Fish

Signature Teriyaki Fish marinated overnight in Homemade Teriyaki sauce


Salsa Grilled Fish

Signature Charcoal Grilled Fish served with our unique Mexican Salsa Sauce


Chilli Baked Fish

Signature Oven Baked Fish complete with our signature exclusive homemade chill sauce



Signature Lamb Steak

Chargrilled signature lamb steak served with signature sauce


Prime Sirloin Steak

Flown in Prime Sirloin Steak served with signature sauce


Black Pepper Steak

Flown in Black Pepper Steak chargrilled optimum and served with black pepper sauce


Prime Ribeye Steak

Flown in Signature Prime Ribeye Steak, chargrilled to any level of preference


Mixed Grill Combo

Consisting of variety of steaks and cuts of guarantee to satisfy any meat lover



Spaghetti Aglio Olio

Our signature pasta in aglio olio style


Creamy Chicken & Mushroom

Our signature pasta in Creamy Chicken & Mushroom sauce


Beef Bolognaise

Signature Pasta in wholesome Beef Bolognaise sauce


Seafood Spaghetti

Our Signature pasta with fresh seafood catch of the day


Prawns Arrabiata

Our signature pasta with the best prawns you will ever taste


Grilled Chicken Gourmet Burger

Charcoal Grilled Premium Chicken Patty with Sunny Side up Egg


Supreme Chicken Gourmet Burger

Our Signature Gourmet Chicken Burger Upsized


Mushroom Swiss Burger

Signautre Burger with the best Mushroom suace


Jumbo Beef Burger

Our Signature Jumbo Beef Burger is for the upsized beef lover


Fried Wings Rice

Express Fried Wings Rice for the no frills


Chicken Cutlet Rice

Express Chicken Cutlet Rice for the no frills


1⁄2 Spring Chicken Rice

Wholesome 1⁄2 Spring Chicken fried to crispiness with rice


Call us at +(65) 9696 8485 from 1130 to 2200 daily, or fill in our reservation form below. A email consisting of your reservation details will be mailed to you once you have submitted this form.

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